For your election day entertainment: celebrities, warm fuzzies, and I dare you not to make a bird call by the end.

Hi everyone! Today’s the day! (Election Day. You know, in case you early voted and then went into hiding.) We made it! And my guess is, we might even make it to tomorrow!

This whole agonizing process, I had this little prayer in my head, something akin to: Nooooo!!!! But really, I kept hoping there would be someone who would come out of nowhere. A surprise guest on SNL maybe. A candidate we could all get behind. The Phoenix, that rises from the ashes.

Like Gary Haugen.

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He leads International Justice Mission and his motto is, “Let’s end slavery in our lifetime.” This is an important cause that brings dignity to all of us humans. Wouldn’t it be amazing if America led the way?

Or Bryan Stevenson.

Civil rights lawyer, author, speaker, someone who shines a light on poverty, justice, and broken systems and how we can right them. That’s a good write in, if you’re going that route.

What about Michelle Obama?

michelle obama.jpg

Great for late night television! And? No moving for the Obamas. (Moving is the worst.)

Jim Gaffigan!

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Bono has that theory about using comedians as ambassadors to unite the world. Although, Jim might eat a small country without realizing it. That would be bad, global relations and everything.

Leslie Knope?

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Yes, please!

But, the Phoenix never came.

Last week I went to early vote. The place was packed. No parking spots, cars hugging every curb along the streets, and then I saw them. The line of people woven through and around the building. It was beautiful.

I wish I could have captured what I witnessed in a picture. I saw a woman in a burka, next to a tall gray-headed cowboy, next to a woman in a FedEx uniform, next to a young built dude in a “vote against assault weapons” t-shirt. I saw every ethnicity, every age, all of you, standing there, being you together. I tear up just thinking about it. (Then, I drove twenty minutes away where there was no one in line except an elderly black man who was being helped to the booth by who appeared to be his daughter and I about lost it again.)

Saturday we went to the twenty-fifth annual Austin Powwow. We watched different tribes join in a dance to honor Native Americans who have served our country in the military. Despite the atrocities committed against them, they love this country. Their cry was resiliency. Their dance was unity and hope.

The way of greatness is loving our neighbors as ourselves.

America, we are the Phoenix.

We are the people who will rise from the ashes. We have done it before, and we will again. We will learn and grow and sure things are going to get messy, but we will not stop trying.

So here we are on a Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.  And no matter the results of today’s election,

I vote for us.