Dear Friend, I like to start my notes to you as if we’re already in the middle of a conversation. {isn’t You’ve Got Mail a darling film? I miss Nora Ephron} There comes a time each January, after ample recovery from the holidays, when I start to lose my grip on reality and wonder how I could ever make it through another year. Anybody else feel that way? It’s like everyone jumped off the hamster wheel at once. Like there we all were having fun, playing games, singing songs, and then the ball dropped, party’s over {insert flatline hum here}. And when I go to the store or church I’m scanning faces and eyes wondering if I will find another who mirrors my hankering. But they all seem so happy with their resolutions and new Christmas shoes to look into me and validate my existence. So Jesus came, Halleluia! And now, nothing.

I know, it sounds kind of crazy. But seriously, my sanity requires deep, personal connection. I know I can talk to Jesus. But I feel better connected to Him when I’m connected to people. And didn’t God make us that way, on day 6? So I need to explore my thoughts. That means speaking them and testing the sound of them. Feeling them on my tongue to know whether I’m smoking crack or right on track.

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That’s why around January 18th I asked a group of ladies to join me to discuss a book. We met this past Monday. It. rocked. my. socks. We jumped right in without even the small talk of clothes, kids, or coffee. Dove in I tell you, to the depths of why, who, what, how. It was one of the best fixes ever. The gift of speaking candidly without fear of judgment. Spirit sharpening Spirit.

I realized, my wanting such connection, is my wanting to see God. To feel Him and hear Him. Because He lives in us. And to see the different facets of Him in these women, is to know Him more. That’s what I can’t live without. I crave Him.

We will be meeting again. Care to join us?