We Must Keep Talking About Race

Me with LaTasha at She Leads last October.

“Not one of us can display all of God, it takes all of us.” ~LaTasha Morrison

It can be difficult in these days to know who to listen to, who is speaking truth or who may think they are speaking truth but might actually be promoting propaganda–I have been one of these well intentioned people! And I’m writing to those of us who are following Jesus. Consider, are we letting “sanctioned” political news shape us more than the cross? This is why we must push into the awkwardness and vulnerability of actually engaging one another as well as those with which we may not normally find ourselves hanging out. We must use our brains and hearts and Spirit and listen. And then listen some more.

Fear has often dictated what we believe or who we follow, who we break bread with and who we are not. Let’s change that. Fear keeps us isolated and closed and calls it protected. Love opens, engages, and sees the beauty in each of us –without fear. Isn’t that the story of our Jesus? Going lower and giving up rights in order to bring about freedom and flourishing? This way is contrary to nationalism/colonialism perspective. It is bigger than that. And, I’m really asking, what is it we are afraid of losing? Didn’t Jesus ask us, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

“The Church has been the tail lights rather than the headlights regarding racism.” ~LaTasha Morrison

A voice I have come to trust as I undergo reconstruction is LaTasha Morrison. Thanks to the great folks at Austin Mustard Seed (who just so happened to have her on their docket the weekend after Charlottesville), I had the privilege of listening to Tasha preach Sunday on why staying in the race conversation is so important. Guys, she was amazing. She taught the wheat and weeds parable in a profound way for starters. She explained with dignity and gentleness what it means to be complicit in racism. She told personal stories of her experiences with challenging conversations. And she dug in to what reconciliation really means. But I’m not going to spoil it for you. You must hear her for yourself on the AMS podcast! Go have a listen. This is free and priceless education my dears. Put that cast on your queue stat. And I would love to hear your questions or comments after you listen.

LaTasha is fulfilling her calling to serve the Church through racial reconciliation (and if you think we don’t need that, you especially need to listen :)) and we all would do better to walk in grace and truth the way she does. 

Thank you, Tasha, for your bravery and perseverance as you walk in lament. Thank you for providing a space for us to have safe conversations as we do work of our own.


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