free valentine printables

Anybody else putting together last-minute valentines? Here’s an idea I had a few weeks ago and am just now getting to after battling head lice, allergies, and you know just the ups and downs of life. (Who is now scratching their heads? You’re welcome.) But I like to celebrate love, and Valentine’s day, with all its superficial faults, still gives us that opportunity. (Especially if you have kids in elementary school.) Of course I do not condone the consumer machine holidays seem to fuel, however, holidays do offer the chance for some creativity and spreading good vibes (and dear God not lice). And who doesn’t need that every now and then?

We created our images with some original artwork that I snapped a picture of with my phone, and we added graphics with A Beautiful Mess App. If you’re the techy sort, you can extract the images with PhotoShop or something, or get your techy friend Heather to do it for you like I did. We used this Avery business card template and bought “made in the USA” business cards at Target. And here are the results:

Here are the PDF’s of the fern and frond ones if you’d like to download and print your own at home (my son is giving the “ferntastic” one with a little fairy fern to his teachers as well–it’s 5th grade humor–you can tell which is 3rd grade):





The Sue Monk Kidd quote is what inspired creating our own art work to share. I loved this quote so much from The Invention of Wings, one of my favorite 2016 reads. The  quote is in a letter from Angelina Grimke’ encouraging older sister Sarah in her journey of faith that will eventually be a huge force in their partnership to abolish slavery in the mid 1800’s. I’m handing it out to my friends at small group tomorrow night. Adults giving valentines? Why not!

(here it is below as a lock screen saver)


I did not look on Pinterest because it’s where my dreams go to die, but I’m sure there are actually quite a few free valentine printables out there. Maybe there’s one involving lice puns! Too bad we didn’t think of that sooner.

So cancel your Monday night plans and make your own cards! The “Have a Great Day!” playlist on Spotify is a wonderful backdrop by the way (thanks, Tim). And we hope that you take a moment to share some kindness tomorrow and every day. It’s what the world needs now–with or without homemade cards.

Image result for we love because he first loved us


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