Happy Birthday to Me!

Dear Most Amazing and Beloved Family and Friends,


So, I have been thinking…

May I be so bold to ask for something for my birthday?

You may know (or not but we’re cool), my 41st birthday is Monday, and I would love for you to join me in celebrating our short time on this planet by making a donation to Preemptive Love Coalition!

I am thrilled at the work Preemptive Love is doing helping refugees and on the front lines in Syria. Please read more here or watch this video.

I know sometimes we adults do not like to draw attention to ourselves on our natal days. But what do you say we change that, m-k? I think now that we have lived a little longer and grown weary of toys and such, we could use our B-day leverage for something lasting and truly meaningful.

Like say instead of a gift card for a coffee or an actual card, give that $4.10 here.

Giving IS so much better than receiving and I would LOVE if you could help me give Shalom! Moth and rust can’t destroy that, baby.





2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. I looked into Premptive Love website and think it is doing such needed work. We are happy to donate to the cause in your honor! Just for you, let’s gather and toast you and eat tasty food! Sent from my iPhone


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