dear builder

I wrote this last year for the hubs on Father’s Day. Yeah, he builds stuff. It flowed out of me so quickly when I wrote it, I felt like it is Spirit written. Most of it’s from the Bible so I feel like I can say that pretty confidently…

Dear Builder,

What you construct is far greater, far more reaching than doors and porches, kitchens and bathrooms.

Your hands are what I use for building the lives of my precious ones. You are not alone in this task. The Carpenter has laid a sure foundation. You are My workmanship created for such a time as this. The more you trust my steady hand, the more you experience steadiness in your own.

Through partnering with the One True Craftsman, what you create outlasts any weather and withstands any storm. As you build the unseen, untouchable by neither moth nor rust, you fulfill your deepest calling. And you will find far more satisfaction as the apprentice to The Master, than the “shoulda’s” or “wanna-be’s” of the world could know.

I see all the daily offerings of love, sacrifice, sweat, blood, and we are united, you and I. For as my Son gave His life for you, you give your life for Me. So also will you share in My glory, my son.

You, Ben, created one, reflect the power, love, and light of Me, Creator. Keep building. Nothing can tear down what you build in My Name.

In undying, avid love,
I Am

P.S. Let’s talk soon about that bath remodel. I’ve got some ideas.


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