5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

One of my favorite stories about Jesus is His first miracle in Cana where He turned water into wine. It was Mary that…uh-hum…encouraged him, for lack of a better word, to get involved. And in some translations He responds to His mother, “Woman, why do you involve me?” (John 2:4) I love that. He performed the miracle anyway. Oh, moms. Nudging us when we don’t want to be nudged and sheltering us when we’re ready to leap.

generations 003

{4 generations. yes we are this cheesy. no we are not watching a lifetime network special together. blech.}

My Mom had a knack of knowing when to speak. For example, that time I used that terrible tanning lotion in 9th grade, 1990 to be exact. {You cannot blame a curly, red-headed, pale-faced, late-bloomer such as myself. A magic bottle of what will make me look more like pretty, golden, straight-haired girls? Yes! Please!} She had my Dad pick me up from school that day. He asked me why my legs were orange, had I eaten a bunch of carrots? 

I gazed down my royal blue rayon romper to my UT colored legs and my eyes fell on the sharp contrasting line of the tops of my feet where the 4 buckle white sandals could not hide a poorly rubbed in grocery store tanning lotion. Not to mention the residual staining of my palms that I had grown tired of shielding throughout the course of a day. I could not deny the ridiculous. Though it was my Dad’s comment, it was my Mom who engineered the interaction. She often knew {knows?} what I needed better than I knew myself. And the best things she did raising me was letting me learn for myself. Letting me be myself and loving me exactly the way I was. She helped me accept and embrace who I am. I’m pretty sure she coined the phrase, “Know Who’s you are,” before it ever made it’s way to a magnet.

So, as you reflect on the indescribable relationship between yourself and the Mom-figure in your life, be overtly thankful. There are plenty of children who grew up never to be mothered. And if perhaps, for reasons you don’t need to explain to me, you waited until now to consider some small offering to speak such appreciate to Mom, I have a few suggestions.

1. Go here: http://www.worldvision.org/news/gift-catalog-mothers-day, read and pick something meaningful to give in honor of your Mom. Tell her the difference she makes in your life and how you now want to share that with someone else who desperately needs it.

2. Or here: http://www.ijm.org/content/mothers-day-2013. Just look at these beautiful cards. You honor both your Mom and help break the yoke of slavery choking women around the world.

3. Consider supporting your local Pregnancy Resource Center in honor of your Mom. http://www.pfprc.org/ These centers typically are staffed by amazingly dedicated, volunteers who work thankless hours to keep the doors open, waiting for that one girl who needs to have hope. Bless their work, bless future mothers facing many unknowns and overwhelming pressure. Most internet sites have a Donation tab available.

4. For husbands: Do something sweetly intentional: offer her a day off from chores. {Many moms of young children desire a break from being a Mom on Mother’s Day} Breakfast in bed is sweet, OR you could say, “Stay in bed tomorrow, I’ve got the kids, no rush.” And you can never go wrong with sending her out alone for a pedi {that means pedicure}, movie, or both!


5. Finally, I would personally NEVER get tired of getting this: a gift card for Noonday Collection. Every single woman {young, mature, flashy, simple} I’ve talked to about Noonday has something on her “wish list.” You can easily order this gift card by going to the bottom of the Noonday home page, clicking, entering your info, and bam. It will be quickly delivered to her inbox.

Do it.

It’s guilt free shopping for her…an absolute luxury. She can get something lovely, that expresses her sense of awesome style, and feel really good knowing you didn’t just support the consumer-machine and marketing tactics of holiday pushers. {please avoid if at all possible}

Being a Mom is one of the messiest most crucial jobs in the world. A lot of us who are Moms readily admit how completely inadequate we are for the task. Let’s take this opportunity to rest, give ourselves or your Mom permission to not have it all together, and celebrate the messy, significant lives that God saw fit to birth through Moms everywhere.


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