{part 2} global

Owe Love Only Part 2 {God is global} 5/2/13


Hello bravely persistent women. I know you are because I see you. I’ve listened to your struggles and I know you don’t and won’t give up. I wonder if many of you are listening to that whisper that calls you into a much bigger story than your own happiness? The one that compels you to owe only love?

The story of you becomes greater as it is woven together with others who need to know redemption as you do. Because when you live out the resurrection, the world starts to breathe in hope. And ultimately our tapestry displays the One who truly brings dead things to life.

He wants you to partake in His will being done on earth as it is in heaven. He wants you to know he didn’t come to earth for a metaphor. Rather, He truly lives to proclaim good news to the poor, proclaim freedom for the prisoners, recovery of sight for the blind, relief for the oppressed. The time of the Lord’s favor is here. (Luke 4) His favor is His Son wrapped in skin to bleed for you, to rise again for you, to lead you on the path of true, full life.

Slowly, I am becoming deconstructed by the vast compassion of Christ for those in abject misery. My eyes are opening to those throughout all of the earth crying out for a Rescuer. Let me tell you something. He hears their cries.

God is global. Our God created this sphere we are to steward and He placed each being upon it. Do you really believe that He desires the world to know Him? Do you really believe that He asks you to go in to all the world? If yes, then we cannot remain ignorant to the world’s plight.

 Would you consider these numbers? I can’t get them out of my head…

If you make:

$35,000, you represent the top 4% of wealthiest people in the world.

$50,000–top 1 %

$2 is what half the global population lives on per day.

66 children are infected with HIV each hour.

25,000 people will die today from starvation (3 every second).

From 7, by Jen Hatmaker

Perhaps our flags should be at half-staff every day.

I wonder how our perspective would be different if we were born into genocide of Rwanda? Into the slums of India? Or into the poverty stricken, minimum wage working class here in America? Still, it is undeniable that on this soil we are afforded numerous riches unheard of in 2/3’s of  the globe. Many facets of our economy that we find so convenient and instantly gratifying lie squarely on the backs of those living in poverty, and some in slavery. Numerous American luxuries actually exploit our brothers and sisters here in the US, as well as around our world.

This is not cause for shame. There is little time to sit in a puddle of guilt that Christ died to free us from. But it certainly should alleviate our apathy. Ignorance is not bliss–it is turning our backs on suffering that we cannot afford to ignore.

I refuse to look away from the homeless. I refuse to dismiss the plight of the oppressed, judging them for their poor lack of choices. I will not hold my fist tightly around my rights while others don’t even have the will to fight. Believe me, I’ve thought–I think–these things. I have my own self-protective objections. “But Jesus, I gave that guy $20 for gas and I just saw him with a 12-pack of Bud Light!” “Well Mj, we know you always spend your money wisely. What is it to you? You follow me.” Never get in an argument with Jesus.

God’s story for me is not just about me. God’s story is global. He is communal…at His very essence. And He cannot stop. He invites us into relationship with Him, and with His children, all the children of the world.

As He listens to my requests, He is cradling a little girl close to His heart in Calcutta.

When I am second guessing His decisions, He is strengthening a man’s courage in a Chicago prison.

At any given moment He asks you into His holistic love, to fight for those who have no voice, to intercede for those in their darkest night of the soul. Will we open our hearts, our homes, our churches?

Will you heed the whisper? Will you embrace the greater story for your life? One person can make a difference, but not on her own. Each of us must wake up to our own part. And we all must respond to the One who invented, compassion, justice, and love.

Maybe our task, Moms, is to shape the next generation–so they may be less about entitlement and more about relinquishment. Less about the American Dream and more about washing peoples’ feet. Less about Pinterest, more about the poor. I don’t know. But I know you are brave. I know you are persistent. And I know that God’s power shows up best in weak people.

I know many of you are way ahead of me on this. Maybe some of you like me, are awakening from your amnesia. Or maybe you feel like you can’t handle one more thing in the midst of your own crazy struggles. But see, that’s one of the most awe-inspiring things about our God. He knows. He is not asking you to give anything He hasn’t or won’t provide. And He knows your best life cannot be lived without laying it down. Will you love His world as He does?


4 thoughts on “{part 2} global

  1. Beautiful writing Marijoy. So heartfelt, so moving, so compelling. You will have helped so many others who see themselves here. Thank you for lifting up the World.

  2. Deny self, delay gratification, dig deep, and give back. Thanks for speaking up and speaking out, Marijoy. We are in this together.

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