Noonday Sample Sale!

Hey y’all it’s a Sample Sale! Buy super cute stuff and create jobs for marginalized people! Win-win.

Here’s how it works:

1. Shop the attached sale spreadsheet (.pdf) and make note of which SALE UNIT NUMBER(s) you want to buy. Most sample items are in “like new” condition. Any blemishes or wear are noted. All sales are final.

2. Comment below with your selections listed in order of most desired. For example: “30, 14, 4, 7, 2” (where 30 is your most desired item, 14 is second, etc.) Leave your email address and I will contact you to let you know what items are yours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your comment list is a commitment to buy ALL sale items on your list. BUT, because there might be cases where you and at least one other person want an item, you MIGHT NOT get all the items on your list. The piece(s) will go to the first responder. However, if the first customer does not make her payment in the allotted time, those next in line will have a chance.

3. I will send you and email with your total. In most cases a flat rate shipping charge of $6.50 will be listed and added to the total.

4. Reply within 24 hours to pay and complete your order. For this sale, I will accept credit/debit cards, and in some cases, cash. {If you are not comfortable texting or emailing your card info, please call} I process cards through Square.

5. I ship USPS Priority as soon as your payment is received.

BONUS: Call me to book a Spring Trunk Show and receive a fresh, free Noonday Spring Look Book AND receive 10% off your sample sale purchase. {woohoo!} Know anyone adopting? Host a show and donate your Hostess benefit toward their adoption!

Click Here to View Samples

{tip: you’re going to want to download the above file by clicking the arrow on the right. then in your adobe reader click view, and rotate clockwise.}

Thank you and happy shopping!

“Tell your customers that they are why we smile. They are why we no longer scratch for food. They are why we can dream again.” ~Jalia {of African Style, our lead artisan in Kampala, Uganda}



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